I am looking for an automated, USB-based mechanism to exchange files between a windows desktop machine and a basix 400-bt. (For various reasons, I don't want to use BT for this if I can avoid it.)

What is ideal is the functional equivalent of ActiveSync or HotSync: the desktop and basix are connected via USB and pre-determined lists of files are automatically exchanged.

"Hotplug" looks like it could be adapted to this, although it appears to be designed for handling peripherals that are plugged into linux boxes.  In my case, the gumstix is a peripheral (like a camera, PDA, smartphone, etc) that will be periodically plugged into a windows host.

This looks complicated and I am anxious to avoid a homegrown solution if possible.  Is anyone aware of COTS products or other ongoing development efforts to support USB-based automated file exchange between windows and linux devices?