My board is booting now with apparently some success but still not showing any graphics.
I'm using the latest (4.00 series) TI DVSDK

On the booted machine  "opkg list_installed | grep sgx"  reveals the following:
omap3-sgx-modules -

So it looks like the drivers are installed.

However I looked through dmesg output and there's no sign of any PVR goodness.

/etc/init.d/pvr-init start gives me:
FATAL: Error inserting omaplfb (/lib/modules/2.6.34/kernel/drivers/gpu/pvr/omaplfb.ko): No such device

ls /dev reveals there is no /dev/fb0

I'm guessing omaplfb requires the low level framebuffer device?

Also I did a quick look in /usr/bin and there is no /usr/bin/SGX directory....

Any clue to what vital step I have overlooked?