Hey Andrei,
Unsure about the firmware version and have never tried WAAS on it.
I think the sensitivity on mine may have degraded...either that or it wasn't as good as i thought it was in the first place, as the nokia bluetooth gps i have just got seems to hang on to a fix better and get a better fix.
could just be it doesnt like being underpowered though ;)

On 1/25/07, Andrei Rylin <port777@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Karl,
sorry for being off-topic, but may I ask about EM-406 itself ?
What firmware version does it have and whether WAAS really
available and works on it ?
My EM-406 gradually died, it still sends some NMEA or binary
messages but it doesn't fix/lock on satellites, so I'm not sure
if I want to buy the same model or look somewhere else.
My unit has software version GSW3.1.1LowV_3.1.00.07-C23B1.00,
USGlobalsat support told me (well, wrote an email)
that "no update firmware is available for this model",
and as far as I could tell before it died there was no WAAS.

On 1/24/07, Karl von Muller <vertigok@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've just had an idea what could be causing this.
> My GPS is an EM406 from sparkfun. Its meant to run from 5v, but as I'm using
> a LiPo battery and I'm lazy I haven't got around to boosting it up to 5volts
> (the LiPo backpack I'm using can put out 5volts luckily), its having to run
> off 3.6v
> I think that voltage drops too much for the CF card to handle occasionally
> (due to the GPS sucking too much power) which causes it to crash.
> Now I think when i was testing it back home, I was using a 2amp 5volt plug
> pack and I couldn't see an issue. But when I was out and about with it, it
> was failing.
> Anyone else think this could be it?
> I'm going to try and test it sometime today hopefully.

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