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Hi Garty,

> > GPIO 81 is currently being used by the usb driver to detect the
> > prescence of the USB cable (it detects if VBUS is present).
> >
> > it would be fine for you to query this GPIO,, but I wouldn't try to
> > reconfigure it.

There are two GPIOs defined for use with USB. These are defined in the

I misread the header file. GPIO 81 & 83 are used for the very-very old
gumstix (24 pin hirose IIRC), and 35 and 41 are used for the newer
ones. The comments in the header file mention GPIO 17 & 37, but I
think that's just out of date comments.

GPIO 35 is a cleaned up/debounced  version of VBUS (it comes from the
MAX823 reset monitor, which is powered via VBUS).

GPIO41 controls the pullup resistor which tells the host that a device
has been plugged in. GPIO41 stays low during boot so that the host
won't start querying until the driver has been loaded.

Im guessing/hoping in theory, you could set this low then high again to effectively reset the usb connection, without having to physically unplug it? I'm having some issues when its left idle for a long time it seems to hang...if I unplug it, and replug it back in seems to come good....
Sorry to hiajck the thread slightly too.

The exact details of the connections can be seen in the schematics.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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