On 8/26/06, Brad Midgley <> wrote:

> I'm currently using 4 2400mAh NiMH AA Batteries to power my gumstix and gps.
> Best runtime I've managed to get is around 6hours.

Isn't there a cap or something that people put in this battery circuit
to improve it? Also, you do have to take them out to charge them, right?

Unfortunately yes do have to take them out,  but i  dont have them hard wired in..

> I've also got 2 2000mAh Li-Poly batteries from spark fun and a backpack
> that does charging and under/over voltage protection, but havent had a
> chance to hook this up yet. Don't see why i will have any problems with
> this though.

I'd like to hear how this goes and if you try to build something that
can charge in place.

The backpack can charge in place, has a usb plug for power...
He made 5...sold them for $25 each. But I'm sure if there was enough demand he might make some more...

A charge-in-place that uses the same power that we use to operate the
gumstix would be ideal. (Think ipod shuffle with its usb charging)


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