Hey Brad,

On 8/23/06, Brad Midgley <bmidgley@xmission.com> wrote:

I have read that gpsd can act as a gps repeater. It shouldn't be too
hard to hook this up to a bluetooth server socket so a pda could get the
gps data too. Has anyone played around with it?

I think some people may have, but not talking directly to a bluetooth socket...

(It should also be possible using alternating sdp advertisements to
support 2 pdas simultaneously... that would be a trick no current bt gps
can do)

interesting idea...good luck with it :)

I have just been hacking around with this so far using a standalone bt
gps for my location data but at some point I'll get the gpsstix... maybe
if the next rev could be set up to get a quick fix on power-on.


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