Dear group: I'm kind of stuck here.

I finally got ahold of an MA701 (they seem to be "trailing edge" gear nowadays) and I seem to have basic WiFi working (ping, boa serving up the gumstix www webpage to another machine on the wireless LAN). I've mostly got a handle on the non-obvious parts of iwconfig and ifconfig, I think.

But I've got a couple of questions and at least one snag:

1) "wlan0" and "wifi0" are both extant, and I don't understand why. Any help on that would be appreciated. They don't report identical packet count statistics, or identical IP addresses, which seems strange to me. But I'm a newbie.

What's going on with that?

2) I've tried to use tcpdump on the wireless connection, both with and without first going into "Monitor" mode. But I'm not seeing the traffic I should be. When I start in Monitor mode and then fire up tcpdump, most (virtually all) of what I get is AP beacon packets. Otherwise (starting tcpdump from Managed mode) I mostly (virtually only) get "discover" packets from the AP.

Has anyone gotten sniffing to work with gumstix CF WiFi and tcpdump? If so, how?

3) I had WinSCP to the gumstix working for a while, but now the connection fails for an unknown reason; the logfiles on both sides seem to indicate negotiation is proceeding normally but a shell apparently doesn't get opened. Right now my workaround is to use SCP from coLinux, then use WinSCP from Windows. Obviously that's a little bit mickey-mouse.

Is there possibly some passkey, state or file on the gumstix side that I might need to delete or correct? I'm trying to login on a guest account, not as root, same as before (guest used to work, root did not, as best I can recall).

Thanks for any light shed on these matters... I recognize I haven't given many details -- what additional info should I provide, if any?

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