Hey Amanda,

Did you copy the MLO file first (before any of the others)?  It should be the very first file you put onto the FAT partition.  Doing it in any other order will prevent the Overo from finding the MLO file, and will bypass booting off of the SD card.

I have not used an SDHC card, but it has been reported to me that it does work.

Can you run the following command at the command line and post the output:
sudo fdisk -l

We only need to see the device that is your mmc card (for me, it's /dev/mmcblk0).  I'll check the partition info to make sure it's correct.

So, I've stayed up all night trying to get Ubuntu on my microSD card. I succeeded, my 4GB is partitioned into two partitions, one that is 32mb and set to boot with the three files needed, and the other that is 3gb+ and has the operating system files in it. I followed this page exactly. It is strongly based on this page, so I am assuming it is correct.
So I've put my USB hub on the gumstix, got my monitor connected, and the SD card in the slot. When I boot up, it boots directly to the OE/Whatever preinstalled on the SD, which according to a previous responded was corrupted. It doesn't even notice the SD card. I am suitably frustrated.. What can I do?

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Microsoft is the question.
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