Hi Gumstix Tech Support:


I recently bought my first Gumtix, a Verdex XM4-bt with a Console–VX and a NetWifiMicroSD-FCCFound the Wiki info on attaching and logging in via serial port http://docwiki.gumstix.org/Rs232


Plugged it together, fired up Minicom, turned it on, and ...BINGO.  I got the log in screen and logged on.  Looked around at a couple of directories for a couple of minutes (it was late) and logged off, with a clean shutdown.  I did no file/directory/permission alterations of any kind.


Tried the same thing again today and...nothing.  The LED lights up (so I am getting power), but no boot messages on any of the 3 ports of the Console VX. (Is one preferred over the others?)


I tried under Linux with Minicom, tried under Windows with Hyperterm, still nothing.  I did verify that my baud rate and other serial parameters were right.


I've looked around in the documentation on the Wiki, and I can't find anything more detailed than the RS232 doc which just tells me to just plug it in and it will work.


My understanding is that the NetWifi defaults to getting addresses via DHCP which I don't have at home, so I couldn't try communicating via Ethernet until I got in via serial and give it a hard address;  except I can't do that.


I took the Gumstix to work, where we do have DHCP and plugged it into the net and loaded up Zenmap and scanned for hosts.  Again, the Gumstix doesn't show up.  I get 26 (well known) hosts both with and without the Gumstix plugged into the net.


As a last ditch, I decided to try USB, but the first thing you run into in the http://docwiki.gumstix.org/Setting_up_USBnet is a message telling you USB doesn't work on the Verdex.  Dang.  BTW, when will that get fixed for Verdex?


My Gumstix seems DOA. I bought this around Thanksgiving and haven’t gotten to play with it until now because of the holidays, and I see that the warranty time is only 30 days.  Do I have nearly $400 worth of brick?





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