Just a wild guess:

There is errata for some FTDI serial-USB chips going into a sleep state when they detect a certain pattern on the USB bus. (Some Gumstix Janus boards are affected by this apparently.)

If you are connected through a USB hub, remove the hub and just use a direct cable to the USB console port.

I'm not sure what you meant by you have no console, so maybe this doesn't apply to your hardware. :)

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Scott Ellis <scott@jumpnowtek.com> wrote:
One more thing.

Even though I don't have a console, if the system has a network
I can ssh in and the system is fine, even while the ttyO2 service
is still looping in a hung state.

Likewise, if I launch an application on a non-console terminal,
that application is fully usable.

It's just the console that's not accessible.

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