I have followed the site(docwiki.gumstix.org/NFS) that tells you how to add NFS support into the gumstix, but when I do that and try to recompile the entire buildroot it gives me errors and doesn't finish.  I have tried using revision 1229 and 1232 and both don't work.  The error talks about umount getting declared twice, once static and one not static.  Is there another way to mount an NFS, like manually or something  like that.  I have also tried just to compile the 775 revision that it talks about on the wiki and it wont even compile initially without trying to add NFS support. 

Also would samba work better or anything that lets me see other computer drives and lets me use those file on it as another drive to use.  The whole point of mounting a network share is so I can stream music files from it to the gumstix.