My experience with the two versions is limited but going with a more mature and stable platform is the way to go. I would not recommend running Gingerbread on an already complicated hardware platform such as Gumstix hardware.

We did have some problems related to LCD and touchscreen drivers with rowboat but these were quickly overcome with a few tweaks. I would recommend building from source instead of rebuilt images as more recent software is available.

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mmeisner <mmeisner204@gmail.com> wrote:
How stable is the Gingerbread port at the moment? I just bought an Overo Tide COM and a Palo43 board. I am looking for a relatively easy to deal with Android port that will let me load up a custom application; and that supports GPIO, SPI, and USB. Should I go with your Gingerbread port (I'm assuming it will eventually become the default Gumstix image), the Rowboat port, or the TI dev kit port (http://focus.ti.com/docs/toolsw/folders/print/androidsdk-sitara.html?DCMP=androidemail&HQS=DesignersKit+EM+androidemaile1tf)? I'm looking for something that would be good enough for a commercial production system. Thanks Ash, -mark Ash Charles-2 wrote: > > Hi. > > http://wiki.gumstix.org/index.php?title=Android_Gingerbread > > I've been working on a port of Android Gingerbread (2.3) for the > Overo. In terms of hardware support, this version is not well-tested > and is currently missing some features. My focus has been on > improving infrastructure and documentation in hopes that these, in > turn, would enable others to help in improving the hardware support. > > In particular, prebuilt images are now available (with a RSS feed > ;-)). These are generated by an automatic build which check outs and > builds the code daily. I have moved away from gitorious as a > repository host in favour of github which seems a little more > reliable---hopefully this means less time re-issuing 'repo sync'. > Finally, I put scripts I created along the way into a repository in > hopes that this speeds development for others. I certainly welcome > contributions :). > > Hope you like it! > -Ash > >
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