I have been reading and trying to connect my laptop to my netstix with a connex 400-bt motherboard. I am running windows xp pro and also have suse10 loaded on my laptop. I was trying to set my communications up on Linux but have been unsuccessfully so far. I do not care with operating system I use but would like to be able to start working with my gumstix soon!!

Also note I am a Linux newbie so the more you can dumb down the explanation the better :)

What I have done so far:
-I have installed nmap software and have tried searching for the ip address assigned to the gumstix but couldn't find anything.

-I have tried setting up my DHCP server on the laptop but was also unsuccessful at that also.

If I don't set a static ip address my computer will not connect to the gumstix

Once connected I do not know how to talk to it.

Thanks for your help guys!!!!!

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