Nice work Jon and Dave!

Jon: did you fab a board? If you did it in Eagle, I'd love to see it...


On 5/24/07, Jon Hylands <> wrote:
On Thu, 24 May 2007 11:46:40 -0400, Jon Hylands <> wrote:

> > Neat -- maybe the stuff is just initialized right by default.
> Of course, now that I've said that, it doesn't work anymore...

Okay, after a little playing around and some help from my brother, we
figured out what the problem was.

Turns out you need to pull USBH_PWR1 high, and fortunately there's a 3.3
volt source sitting right next to it (V_BACKUP_BATT).

So, with those two pins shorted, it works perfectly - I can once again ssh
into the gumstix through the 24-pin USB port...


   Jon Hylands

  Project: Micro Raptor (Small Biped Velociraptor Robot)

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