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On 1/31/07, robert@infotility.com < robert@infotility.com> wrote:

I am trying to access an SD card on a Waysmall.
I've done the following --

(1) in /etc/modules, uncomment mmc_block and pxamci
     and comment out smc91x and pcmcia

(2) in /etc/network/interfaces, comment out mwlan0 stuff
     (not sure what that's about, but found that advice
     in the mailing list archives)

(3) reboot (from command line, not reset switch or power cycle)

After that I find that lsmod shows mmc_block, mmc_core,
and pxamci modules are loaded, and cfio is not loaded.

However mount /mnt/mmc fails because /dev/mmcblk0p1 does not
exist, and ls /dev doesn't seem to show another device that
is associated with the SD card.

dmesg | grep -i mmc shows "mmc0: unrecognised SCR structure version 1".
That doesn't look like good news.

Where should I go from here? Thanks for your help.

Robert Dodier

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