I have a fairly large stock of 1-Wire parts. I have DS2406 switches, DS2438 quad ADCs, a few temperature sensors, DS2408 8-bit muxes...

If anyone wants to try for Gumstix integration of these devices, send me your address and I'll drop an envelope with a few parts in the mail.


On 11/17/06, Dave Hylands <> wrote:
Hi Sterling,

On 11/17/06, Sterling Peet <> wrote:
> I have transcribed the basic Dallas Single-wire bus library for the robostix.
> I have also started a library specific to the DS18S20 digital temperature
> sensor that sparkfun sells, but the latter is not complete.  Both certainly
> work well enough for what I am currently using them for: a thermostat.  The
> thermostat controls the fan on the wall unit in my dorm room (Heat OR A/C,
> not both and centrally controlled).  Let me know if you want one or both of
> the libraries.

I'd be interested in both.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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