Hi David,

How're you finding the CODEC quality?  Have you managed to get more than one call going at once?

Curious minds want to know :)


On 10/30/06, David Kowis <dkowis@shlrm.org> wrote:
David Kowis wrote:
> I've been working on getting asterisk working on the gumstix for quite a
> while now. I've tried using astlinux's gumstix build, but some of their
> toolchain is a bit old. I couldn't get the compact flash card to show up
> and they don't use udev. So, I have pulled the asterisk package (and a
> few related packages) out of their buildroot and put them into a build
> root of my own. Works great. I also pulled out their screen package
> since the gumstix build root didn't have one. Since the astlinux stuff
> seems to be GPL as well, I offer this patch pulling data from their
> buildroot into Gumstix's. If you add the patch please give credit to the
> astlinux distro ;)

I just remembered that this patch isn't perfect. It still needs some
tweaking. Like a new init script. And the building of it isn't quite
right, it doesn't make the directories quite right (/etc/asterisk points
to /tmp/etc/asterisk in the buildroot)
That said, it works better than the version in there, in that it runs.
Perhaps others can help me fix this up a bit?


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