Funnily enough, I can't get my Gumstix to mount SDs...only MMCs.

I just got off my ass and got my new buildroot environment running under Ubuntu -- so I'll try and reflash it tonight if I get a chance and see if makes a difference.


On 10/17/06, Dave Hylands <> wrote:
Hi Greg,

On 10/17/06, G Elliott <> wrote:
> i'm going to use the sd or mmc card to store mp3s that are read and
> played.  i need to place the root filesystem on the card, and i know
> mmc supports this, but does the sd card?
> any reason i should choose mmc over sd?  i think the read capability
> of mmc is plenty fast, and it seems most people use mmc cards, but i
> thought i'd ask before i send newegg my money.

Linux supports the MMC cards and SD cards, however, u-boot only
supports MMC cards.

So it depends on whether you need/want to use the card with u-boot or not.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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