Just don't make a "homemade" 7.4vdc pack out of two unmatched cells!

Also, you could look at a single-cell Li* booster. There're a lot on the market now and I've recently seen some good 1A units.


On 8/7/06, Jesse Welling <jdawgwelling@hotmail.com> wrote:
I'm goingt to be moving to mobile power (shopping around for batteries now)
and just wanted to confirm that if I want to run Lipoly with this set up I'm
going to have to use a 7.4V vold double cell pack because a regular 3.7V
won't be enough voltage for the robostix right?
And using the 7.4V I shoudln't need to use any regulators because the
robostix already has some, correct?
Just wanted to make sure before I sent orders out for stuff.

    -Jesse W.

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