Hi Craig,

Thanks. My worry's not presenting it with data, but more things like driivng CE, R/W -- which I know I can do as GPIO outside the driver; but would rather not!

If things don't work out with the PXA's LCD logic/diver...well, there's always SPI mode ;-)


On 8/4/06, Craig Hughes <craig@gumstix.com> wrote:
On Aug 4, 2006, at 3:15 PM, Marc Nicholas wrote:

> Hi all,
> I got my OLED from SparkFun...yay!
> So, the controller chip (SD1339) is really a 132*132 pixel
> unit...and the display it's attached to is actually 128*128 and can
> display 6-bits of colour per one byte channel ( i.e. you send one
> byte for red, green and blue...only the lower 6-bits are
> significant -- the top two get thrown). I'd be happy driving it
> mono ;-)
> The actual framerate of the display seems relatively low (no
> surprise). My question is this (before I start hacking): anyone got
> any ideas it the PXAFB might be able to drive this without
> modification? I truly suck at kernel stuff :-(
> Anyone point me to a decent tech document on the PXAFB driver?

Likely yes, the PXA can just drive it.  Check the documentation in
the linux source (Documentation/fb/pxafb.txt or something like that)
for the params you need to pass to get the thing working.  Using
pxaregs to tweak the settings directly in the PXA's controller's
registers might help find good values, which you can then use on the
kernel command line (you can't unload/reload the pxafb module with
new params unfortunately).  There is some amount of information on
the wiki on people's work with other panels to get this going which
might be helpful too.


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