I'm still on a mission to attach this to Gumstrix:


Seeing how cheap smallish FPGAs are these days, I might just bite-the-bullet and build an FPGA frame buffer for it.


On 6/28/06, Cliff L. Biffle <cliff@biffle.org> wrote:
On Jun 28, 2006, at 2:07 AM, Anders Wallsson wrote:
> Ive seen a couple of CMU cameras that would work but usually are up in
> the $100-150 price range, a little painful when comparing to some
> cheapo
> usb web cam for ~$15 at walmart.
> Too bad the gumstix doesnt work as an usb host.

There *is* a USB host CompactFlash card, but I've always felt it was
a suboptimal option.

I'm currently using a CMUcam2 with my Gumstix.  I've halfway
considered interfacing the OV6620 module directly to the AVR on the
Robostix, but the most successful example of this (the  AVRcam
product) had to overclock their AVR slightly to keep up with the data

-Cliff L. Biffle

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