Hi Dave:

> If you build a little jumper block

I'm using a cable but it has the same basic configuration.

> then that will connect UART-0 on the robostix to the STUART port on the gumstix.

Is it required that I connect the Verdex to the Robostix via the STUART or can I use the FFUART? This is really just intellectual curiosity. I have no problem using the STUART instead of the FFUART so long as I can use the FFUART to communicate with my SSC-32. I believe this is possible but I'll have to test it to be sure.

> The Flash-LED program on this page
> You can use the sertest program on the gumstix at 38400 baud to read the data

Got them and compiled them successfully and in the case of the Flash-LED I had no problem loading it onto the Robostix. Now this is where it gets interesting. I notice that if I do not connect the two boards the LEDs on the Robostix flash. If I connect the two boards then the LEDs on the Robostix do not flash if I apply power through the barrel connector on the Robostix. They do flash though if I apply power through the BOARD port on the Robostix however in this configuration the Verdex does not power up. Needless to say, when the Verdex does power up I get nothing from the Robostix via sertest.

Now for a little history. I have revision 1131 of the Robostix. As such, since I wanted to develop my program without the Verdex inline, I installed a pullup resistor in accordance with the Robostix Modifications page <http://docwiki.gumstix.org/index.php/Robostix_modifications#Pullup_Resistor_.28applies_to_all_revisions_-_upto_and_including_1131.29>. However this was not enough to get my Robostix working without the Verdex. I also had to install a jumper between pin 6 on the UARTs header and +5V on the BOARD connector. I found this fix on the mailing list though I cannot recall where exactly. Suffice it to say it worked. At this point I am wondering if one or both of these modifications are problematic.

The documentation you have already compiled has proven quite useful and I want to thank you for that. With that said any additional help you can provide would be highly appreciated. I am quickly approaching my deadline for this project and this is one of the last tasks I must perform to complete it.

Thanks kindly,
Dustin Webb

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Subject: Re: [Gumstix-users] Gumstix, Robostix, and Serial Communication

Hi Dustin,

On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 12:13 PM, Dustin Webb<dustinjwebb@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I have written a program that runs on the robostix that monitors the A/D
> channels. I have it setup such that I can connected to the robostix from my
> computer via a MAX232. Now I want to replace my computer with a Gumstix
> Verdex. However when I attach my Robostix to my Verdex I am unable to
> communicate with the Robostix. I have connected UART-0 on the Robostix to
> the FFUART on the Verdex. I have even tried keeping the two boards separate
> and using a ConsoleLCD18-vx to bridge the gap with no luck. Can anyone
> explain to me how to get serial communication to work between the Verdex and
> Robostix or point me to documentation? I have tried to find documentation on
> the Wikis but that has been fruitless.

If you build a little jumper block, like the one with two yellow wires
in the first picture of this page:

then that will connect UART-0 on the robostix to the STUART port on the gumstix.

The Flash-LED program on this page:

writes to both UART ports on the robostix. You can use the sertest
program on the gumstix at 38400 baud to read the data (that's the baud
rate that Flash-LED uses).

(originally from over here:

Dave Hylands
Shuswap, BC, Canada

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