I am using my Robostix as an i2c master and in standalone mode.  I would like to use the srf08 and cmps03 modules.  I have downloaded the sample drivers from BDMICRO:





Rather than uses those drivers, I would like to start with the Robostix repository, say Simple-Servo-2, drop in i2c-master.c, i2c-master.h, srf08.c, srf08.h, and any other necessary files for these devices to work.


However, when I look at i2c-master.c, the comments say that it is written as a slave device.  Looking at the file, it appears that it is not written to be an i2c-master.  


I know there are plenty examples for the gumstix acting as an i2c master and using devices such as the srf08.  But I am looking for code that I can easily drop into an existing Robostix project.  If I start with the BDMICRO drivers, it will take a good amount of manipulation.


Has anyone built a Robostix repository project using i2c as a master and connecting to these devices (srf08, etc)?