Hi Dave

I think some of the problems I am having come from mis-interpreting the buildroot
instructions. I took the warnings about segmentation errors if you use a different version
of build root from the one on the board as a command that you can never change it.
Thus I had been trying to do everything in 1161. Reading between the lines of your messages indicated that you were used to a very current version and 1161 is ancient history. So I went back and studied the instructions and see they only apply until
one flashes the system. So I downloaded the latest version and everything compiled

However now I have another problem when I flash the gumstix with the rootfs (big about 8Meg) and boot it says

GUM> boot
Instruction Cache is ON
### JFFS2 loading 'boot/uImage' to 0xa2000000
find_inode failed for name=boot
load: Failed to find inode
### JFFS2 LOAD ERROR<0> for boot/uImage!

1)  Is my "reading between your lines" correct or am I jumping to conclusions?
2) How do I recover from the LOAD ERROR?
3)why is the rootfs so big? I did menu defconfig

John Cummins

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