Thanks for your input R.P.
I removed the Overo board from Palo 43, plugged in power and checked the following voltages: VBATT= ~2V; VCC_1.8= 0 & VCC_3.3=0. I verified that the power adapter is supplying ~5V. I noticed that C7 on my board is missing. C7 is a 0.47uf/50V capacitor located on page 9, U11-2 in the Palo 43 schematics.There is no DNI for C7 on the schematic, so I assume that it is missing on my board.  I also notice that U11 gets hot rather quickly when power is applied, so I never leave the power adaptor plugged in for too long. 
Could this missing cap be the root cause of my power problem?  If it is, how shall I proceed with getting if fixed?

--- On Fri, 5/22/09, R. P. McMurphy <> wrote:

From: R. P. McMurphy <>
Subject: Re: [Gumstix-users] Powering up overo water + palo43 board
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Date: Friday, May 22, 2009, 1:11 PM

The green LED on the Overo is connected to the power supply input
coming from the Palo board 3.3V regulator. So if that LED is off then
the Overo board has no power input.

As for the reason why is a different matter. Check the 5V supply
output current to see if it is shutting down due to over current / low
voltage. Try to power the Palo board without the Overo plugged in and
see if the 3.3V is still shutting down.

On 5/23/09, Anthony O <> wrote:
> First attempt at powering up Overo water + Palo43 combo. I plugged in usb
> cable, from pc to palo43 console port, I see LED light up next to it. When I
> plug in DC power next, I see LED on Overo board flicker for a sec.and stay
> off. No activity on the console. I assume the LED (D2) on the Overo is the
> power indicator, in which case I am wondering why it flickers. It flickers
> and stays off every time I plug in the DC power supply - I use a 5V adaptor
> which I purchased from Gumstix; no LCD connected to palo43.
> I could not find a similar case on the mailing list, so I wonder if this is
> an isolated incident. In any case, what could possibly be happening with the
> power? I welcome suggestions regarding steps to try, what to look for etc...
> --anthony

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