I am using rev 1161 on my gumstix and am trying to add netsnmp, but it fails in compilation error.

Here are the steps I have taken :

# svn co -r1161 http://svn.gumstix.com/gumstix-buildroot/trunk gumstix-buildroot
# cd gumstix-buildroot/
# make defconfig
# make
# make menuconfig
(left base packages and selected netsnmp as an additional package)
# make
** Got the following message :
Applying package/netsnmp//netsnmp.patch using plaintext:
patching file agent/mibgroup/host/hr_system.c
Hunk 0000001 FAILED at 286.
1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file agent/mibgroup/host/hr_system.c.rej
patching file configure.in
Hunk 0000001 succeeded at 2019 (offset 154 lines).
Patch failed! Please fix package/netsnmp//netsnmp.patch!
make: *** [/usr/src/u-linux/buildroot-cvs/buildroot/build_i386/net-snmp-5.1.2/.unpacked] Error

--- I removed hr_system.c.rej and copied the new netsnmp.patch found at the website :

then ...

# make

giving me the error's :

ucd-snmp/disk.c:233:36: operator '||' has no right operand
ucd-snmp/disk.c:281:36: operator '||' has no right operand
ucd-snmp/disk.c:377:19: #if with no expression
ucd-snmp/disk.c:400:36: operator '||' has no right operand
ucd-snmp/disk.c:471:19: #if with no expression
ucd-snmp/disk.c:497:36: operator '||' has no right operand
make[3]: *** [ucd-snmp/disk.lo] Error 1

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