Hello everyone,

I've recently been recording audio with brec every 10 or so minutes for the past 3 days, and I noticed that all of a sudden the recordings stopped. After further investigation I noticed that I kept getting this error message:
# brec /mnt/nfs/blah.wav
brec: semget: No space left on device
I discovered that it was probably because brec wasn't closing the semaphores it had been using so after the repeated recordings it had created more semaphores than the gumstix allowed. If any of you know of a remedy that would be great. Since I discovered this I have just been rebooting whenever I get the error, but hopefully that remains a temporary fix. It seems to be that the brec code needs to be modified.

I located brec.c in the my version of the buildroot 1183 (I'm still using that version because its the latest version with working audio I believe?) at:
./build_arm_nofpu/linux- 2.6.18gum/fs/hfs/brec.c
I searched through both of them because I'm not sure which one is the one I'm using, and I didn't seem to find semop, or sem anything in there at all. They also don't appear to have any main in there, so theres probably some other files that contribute to 'brec'. If anyone knows anything about this please let me know.