Hey Dave,

I'm no pro at buildroot or anything, but I have been able to use it to make an image or two. I noticed that some packages just caused errors, I don't know what the deal is but some like sfdisk, make, and others I've en counted all result in errors.

A simple solution, go to gumstix-buildroot/ and do `make menuconfig` a nice little menu will come up and you can go to "Package Selection for the target" then press enter on select. Now go down the list and you can press the space bar to deselect the packages that were causing errors.

I would suggest just removing lighttpd and then trying to make again and see what happens. If you get an error with another package just go back to the menu and remove that package as well until you get your image.


On 2/10/07, Dave Bender <codehero@gmail.com> wrote:
  I have been experimenting with the buildroot system for gumstix. I tried following the gumstix-wiki which gives the appearance that building a gumstix image is trivial. I have run into compilation problems doing the following things:

checking out the repository as per my gumstix setting (1162)
-attempted to download out of date packages

checking out the latest repository
-ed does not compile (why do I need ed anyway??)
-lighttpd package not present (replaced version number in lighttpd.mk)
-inetd requires rpc, which is not compiled into busybox

My question is what am I doing wrong? what do I have to RTFM?



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