I did get avatetanaBT java bluetooth stuff going at one stage, before switching to C


On 14/02/06, Jay Petersen <jay@blueshift3.com> wrote:
Hi all,
        I was wondering if anyone has any experience working with the bluetooth
models?  I was able to connect to it via rfcomm yesterday when mine showed up
in the mail, and haven't had any problems with it from linux.   However, I am
interested in accessing it from java.  I got jamvm running on it yesterday,
and rxtx also so I can access the serial ports.
        The device as far as I can tell binds itself to /dev/ttyS3 (via hciattach)
when the bluetooth module initializes, but when I try to use one of the
javax.comm packages to chat with the hardware it just sits silent.  Am I
wrong to assume that the bluetooth module is sitting on /dev/ttyS3 for
control purposes?

        As an aside, anyone gotten any of the java usb api's working on these little
guys?  I have found 2 so far that seem promising but have had issues
compiling them down to the little guy.  Unfortunately I'm a wee bit week at
the C side of the house, but will crack a book if nobody else is having any

Thanks in advance,

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