Hi everybody,


Now, I have problems with Ethernet communication.


I use Terminal V1.9 in order to test my communication.


For Tx no problems. But with RX, all packets are in errors and dropped.


I don’t use an RJ45 recommended by LAN9221.


I use Wurthz component refer: 7499011121 (CC Farnell : 1636377)


Can you tell me please, where can I buy RJ45 recommended for the LAN9221 and used on Tobi board?






Faouzi SEJIL






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Hi Steve,


Thank you for your quick answer.


I changed the Lan9221 by an other and all it’s OK know.


It was maybe a little problem with his component.




Faouzi SEJIL






De : Steve Sakoman [mailto:sakoman@gmail.com]
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On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 6:03 AM, Faouzi Sejil <f.sejil@watteco.com> wrote:



Can you explain me this problem please?


Net:   smc911x: Invalid chip endian 0x00000000

No ethernet found.


One of you, have solution to correct this problem ?


There is something wrong with the way that the ethernet chip is connected on your custom board.

Without schematics and hardware there is very little that people on this list can do to help.

Carefully check the design against the Tobi and make sure that you have copied this portion exactly and that you do not have any board layout or component loading issues.