I'm just getting started myself, I haven't worked in detail yet, but I've imported the first few you're asking about.  My gumstix isn't working quite right at the moment, so I can't check to see if everything is working, but below is what is in the python directory.  You'll see everything up to and including socket is there.  If what you want isn't there, you can probably add it yourself without too much trouble.

[root@(none) python2.4]# ls   
BaseHTTPServer.py       getopt.py           regex_syntax.pyc
BaseHTTPServer.pyc      getopt.pyc          regsub.py
Bastion.py              getpass.py          regsub.pyc
Bastion.pyc             getpass.pyc         repr.py
CGIHTTPServer.py        gettext.py          repr.pyc
CGIHTTPServer.pyc       gettext.pyc         rexec.py
ConfigParser.py         glob.py             rexec.pyc
ConfigParser.pyc        glob.pyc            rfc822.py
Cookie.py               gopherlib.py        rfc822.pyc
Cookie.pyc              gopherlib.pyc       rlcompleter.py
DocXMLRPCServer.py      gzip.py             rlcompleter.pyc
DocXMLRPCServer.pyc     gzip.pyc            robotparser.py
HTMLParser.py           heapq.py            robotparser.pyc
HTMLParser.pyc          heapq.pyc           sched.py
LICENSE.txt             hmac.py             sched.pyc
MimeWriter.py           hmac.pyc            sets.py
MimeWriter.pyc          hotshot/            sets.pyc
Queue.py                htmlentitydefs.py   sgmllib.py
Queue.pyc               htmlentitydefs.pyc  sgmllib.pyc
SimpleHTTPServer.py     htmllib.py          shelve.py
SimpleHTTPServer.pyc    htmllib.pyc         shelve.pyc
SimpleXMLRPCServer.py   httplib.py          shlex.py
SimpleXMLRPCServer.pyc   httplib.pyc         shlex.pyc
SocketServer.py         idlelib/            shutil.py
SocketServer.pyc        ihooks.py           shutil.pyc
StringIO.py             ihooks.pyc          site-packages/
StringIO.pyc             imaplib.py          site.py
UserDict.py             imaplib.pyc         site.pyc
UserDict.pyc            imghdr.py           smtpd.py*
UserList.py             imghdr.pyc          smtpd.pyc
UserList.pyc             imputil.py          smtplib.py*
UserString.py*          imputil.pyc         smtplib.pyc
UserString.pyc          inspect.py          sndhdr.py
_LWPCookieJar.py        inspect.pyc         sndhdr.pyc
_LWPCookieJar.pyc       keyword.py*         socket.py
_MozillaCookieJar.py    keyword.pyc         socket.pyc
_MozillaCookieJar.pyc   lib-dynload/        sre.py
__future__.py           lib-old/            sre.pyc
__future__.pyc          lib-tk/             sre_compile.py
__phello__.foo.py       linecache.py        sre_compile.pyc
__phello__.foo.pyc      linecache.pyc       sre_constants.py
_strptime.py            locale.py            sre_constants.pyc
_strptime.pyc           locale.pyc          sre_parse.py
_threading_local.py     logging/            sre_parse.pyc
_threading_local.pyc    macpath.py          stat.py
aifc.py                 macpath.pyc         stat.pyc
aifc.pyc                macurl2path.py      statcache.py
anydbm.py               macurl2path.pyc     statcache.pyc
anydbm.pyc              mailbox.py*         statvfs.py
asynchat.py              mailbox.pyc         statvfs.pyc
asynchat.pyc            mailcap.py          string.py
asyncore.py             mailcap.pyc         string.pyc
asyncore.pyc            markupbase.py       stringold.py
atexit.py               markupbase.pyc      stringold.pyc
atexit.pyc              mhlib.py            stringprep.py
audiodev.py             mhlib.pyc           stringprep.pyc
audiodev.pyc            mimetools.py         subprocess.py
base64.py*              mimetools.pyc       subprocess.pyc
base64.pyc              mimetypes.py        sunau.py
bdb.py                  mimetypes.pyc       sunau.pyc
bdb.pyc                 mimify.py*           sunaudio.py
binhex.py               mimify.pyc          sunaudio.pyc
binhex.pyc              modulefinder.py     symbol.py*
bisect.py               modulefinder.pyc    symbol.pyc
bisect.pyc              multifile.py        symtable.py
bsddb/                  multifile.pyc       symtable.pyc
calendar.py             mutex.py            tabnanny.py*
calendar.pyc            mutex.pyc           tabnanny.pyc
cgi.py*                  netrc.py            tarfile.py
cgi.pyc                 netrc.pyc           tarfile.pyc
cgitb.py                new.py              telnetlib.py
cgitb.pyc               new.pyc             telnetlib.pyc
chunk.py                nntplib.py          tempfile.py
chunk.pyc               nntplib.pyc         tempfile.pyc
cmd.py                  ntpath.py           textwrap.py
cmd.pyc                 ntpath.pyc          textwrap.pyc
code.py                 nturl2path.py       this.py
code.pyc                nturl2path.pyc      this.pyc
codecs.py               opcode.py           threading.py
codecs.pyc              opcode.pyc           threading.pyc
codeop.py               optparse.py         timeit.py
codeop.pyc              optparse.pyc        timeit.pyc
colorsys.py             os.py               toaiff.py
colorsys.pyc            os.pyc              toaiff.pyc
commands.py             os2emxpath.py       token.py*
commands.pyc            os2emxpath.pyc      token.pyc
compileall.py           pdb.doc             tokenize.py
compileall.pyc           pdb.py*             tokenize.pyc
compiler/               pdb.pyc             trace.py
config/                 pickle.py           trace.pyc
cookielib.py            pickle.pyc          traceback.py
cookielib.pyc            pickletools.py      traceback.pyc
copy.py                 pickletools.pyc     tty.py
copy.pyc                pipes.py            tty.pyc
copy_reg.py             pipes.pyc           types.py
copy_reg.pyc            pkgutil.py          types.pyc
csv.py                  pkgutil.pyc         tzparse.py
csv.pyc                 plat-linux2/        tzparse.pyc
curses/                 platform.py*        unittest.py
dbhash.py               platform.pyc        unittest.pyc
dbhash.pyc              popen2.py           urllib.py
decimal.py              popen2.pyc          urllib.pyc
decimal.pyc             poplib.py           urllib2.py
difflib.py              poplib.pyc          urllib2.pyc
difflib.pyc             posixfile.py        urlparse.py
dircache.py             posixfile.pyc       urlparse.pyc
dircache.pyc            posixpath.py        user.py
dis.py                  posixpath.pyc       user.pyc
dis.pyc                 pprint.py           uu.py*
distutils/              pprint.pyc          uu.pyc
doctest.py              profile.doc         warnings.py
doctest.pyc             profile.py*         warnings.pyc
dumbdbm.py              profile.pyc         wave.py
dumbdbm.pyc             pstats.py           wave.pyc
dummy_thread.py         pstats.pyc          weakref.py
dummy_thread.pyc        pty.py              weakref.pyc
dummy_threading.py      pty.pyc             webbrowser.py
dummy_threading.pyc     py_compile.py       webbrowser.pyc
email/                  py_compile.pyc      whichdb.py
encodings/              pyclbr.py           whichdb.pyc
filecmp.py              pyclbr.pyc          whrandom.py
filecmp.pyc             pydoc.py*           whrandom.pyc
fileinput.py            pydoc.pyc           xdrlib.py
fileinput.pyc            quopri.py*          xdrlib.pyc
fnmatch.py              quopri.pyc          xml/
fnmatch.pyc             random.py           xmllib.py
formatter.py            random.pyc          xmllib.pyc
formatter.pyc            re.py               xmlrpclib.py
fpformat.py             re.pyc              xmlrpclib.pyc
fpformat.pyc            reconvert.py*       zipfile.py
ftplib.py               reconvert.pyc       zipfile.pyc
ftplib.pyc              regex_syntax.py
[root@(none) python2.4]# ls lib-dynload/
_bisect.so*          _socket.so*      fcntl.so*          resource.so*
_codecs_cn.so*       _testcapi.so*    grp.so*            rgbimg.so*
_codecs_hk.so*       _weakref.so*     imageop.so*        select.so*
_codecs_iso2022.so*  array.so*        itertools.so*      sha.so*
_codecs_jp.so*       audioop.so*      linuxaudiodev.so*  strop.so*
_codecs_kr.so*       binascii.so*     math.so*           struct.so*
_codecs_tw.so*       cPickle.so*      md5.so*            syslog.so*
_csv.so*             cStringIO.so*    mmap.so*           termios.so*
_heapq.so*           cmath.so*        operator.so*       time.so*
_hotshot.so*         collections.so*  ossaudiodev.so*    timing.so*
_locale.so*          crypt.so*        parser.so*         unicodedata.so*
_multibytecodec.so*  datetime.so*      pwd.so*            zlib.so*
_random.so*          dl.so*           regex.so*
[root@(none) python2.4]# ls site-packages/
README  serial/

On 5/18/07, Randall Nortman <rngumstix@wonderclown.com> wrote:
Gumstix newbie here -- I see that python 2.4 is available in
buildroot, and the wiki says it will add 7MB to the filesystem.  My
question is -- how much of the (very large) python standard library is
available?  Seems it wouldn't all fit in 7MB.  I need, at a minimum,
os, sys, time, math, threading and socket modules, and ssl and
pysqlite2 would would be nice.  Am I out of luck?  How hard would this
be to install on offboard CF storage?



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