sounds like a layer 3 (ip) problem. l2ping works at layer 2 with the mac addresses. Do both interfaces have ip addresses? what do the route tables look like?

On 6/26/06, Miguel Pincheira Caro <> wrote:
Hi there.
This is my first post, so, hello to everyone. My name is Miguel and Im
writing from Chile.
So, my question. I have the basix with bluetooth and the 2.6.15 kernel.
I also have a laptop with fedora Core 4 with the default kernel .Im
trying to make a net connection over bluetooth. I have follow every
tutorial and tips, but itīs not working. The gumstix is the PANU and the
laptop is the NAP.
Im able to "hcitool scan" and see both machines on booth sides. I also
able to start the connections, the bnep0 cards starts on both machines,
BUT there is no way to make a ssh connection (in any way).  The weird
thing is that I can make l2ping from both sides .
Any suggestion? comment?.

Thanks in advance , and excuse me for my rusty english =).

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