On to the next problem :(

I can load hex files to the robostix but i2c-io doesn't work. This is what I get:

#  uisp --erase --upload if=i2c-io.hex
Atmel AVR ATmega128 is found.
Erasing device ...
Reinitializing device
Atmel AVR ATmega128 is found.
Uploading: flash

# i2c-io 0x0b info
ERROR: I2cTransfer: ioctl failed: Remote I/O error (121)
ERROR: I2cReadBlock failed
ERROR: Unable to retrieve information from i2c address 0x0b

Do I need the jumpers shown on the Robostix/Gumstix ISP page all the time? I've tried it with and without...

On 4/25/06, Dave Hylands < dhylands@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Chuck,

On 4/25/06, Chuck Colht < vaporlock@gmail.com> wrote:
> Arrrggg! That was it! I remember doing that before (now :) ) Thanks for the
> quick response. Speaking of i2c, I would like to code some timer interupt
> routines to handle an ultrasonic sensor (sf04) so I thought I'd coble it
> into i2c-io. Is there at least 1 free timer when using this code?

i2c-io uses Timer 0 (to blink the LED). The remaining 3 timers are available.

Depending on what kind of timer resolution you're looking for, you may
be able to use Timer0.

The Timer0 interrupt is fired once per millisecond, and there is a way
of hooking in your own code. if you want to persue this let me know.

Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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