That did the trick. Thanks!

On 1/14/06, Craig Hughes <> wrote:
interrupt the u-boot countdown, and modify the "bootargs" param in u-
boot before booting, setting init=/bin/sh -- then it'll just drop you
to a shell prompt instead of starting /sbin/init


On Jan 14, 2006, at 12:47 PM, Chuck Colht wrote:

> I forgot I wasn't on a 'normal' linux box the first time I logged
> in to my gumstix connex and set the root login shell to /bin/
> bash...of course, now I can't get on. I don't even remember doing
> it but once in a while, the output indicates that it can't find /
> bin/bash. Is it possible to edit the fs from the monitor or should
> I just rebuild rootfs?
> Your bumbling servant,
> Chuck

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