Thanks.  This works.  It's also consistent with a lot of other /sys or
sysctl items, where booleans are used for control.

On 9/5/07, Craig Hughes <craig@gumstix.com> wrote:
I forget what it is you need to echo.  The logic might be "0" == off,
anything else == on, so "off" gets processed as != 0, ie on.  Try
this instead to force blanking:

echo 1 > /sys/...


echo 0 > /sys/...


On Sep 5, 2007, at 12:47 PM, Peter Lu wrote:

> I also tried "echo off > /sys/..." to blank the screen but it
> looks like pxafb just gets a unblanking command, as the
> case of "echo on."  But, this is fine for me, as the
> timer-based blanking is more than sufficient.

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