Thanks for the info.  After more messing around with fonts and fbcon, I figured out
that the problem goes back to pxafb falsely setting a "nonstd" configuration item
to 24 when it should be 0 (which then uses bpp=16 to do the right things).  The
existing fonts now work decently when pxafb uses bpp=16 to do things on the
acx705akm display.  I may very well go back to customizing fonts at some point,
though, because the console display on the acx705akm is pretty poor, mostly
due to the display's lousy contrast (black is dark gray, white is light gray).

What I really want is to get tinyX and rxvt going, which may then use color to
hide the limitations of the (supposedly truecolor) display.

Right now, I need to tackle the problem of pxafb shutting down via blanking.
I have this problem both with fbcon and with tinyX, and so am not certain
who is the culprit.  Would anyone know how the display is supposed to
be unblanked?


On 9/4/07, Craig Hughes <craig@gumstix.com> wrote:
On Sep 4, 2007, at 3:26 AM, Julien Lebot wrote:

> Quoting Peter Lu <plu777@gmail.com>:
>> Does anyone know what utility I could use to
>> generate console fonts, like the one described
>> in drivers/video/console/font_10x18.c?   Or,
>> alternatively, know where there are some other
>> font sets than the ones in that directory?
>> The existing fonts somehow display really
>> poorly on my Sony LCD, as faint and fuzzy
>> dot-matrix characters, even though the
>> underlying frame buffer graphics are very fine
>> and clear.
>> Thanks for help.
> Hello,
> I'm not too sure, but the Gimp has some options to save a picture
> in .c
> source code or .h header file format.

Looking at the font files in drivers/video/console, it looks like the
font defn is basically a bitmap in a big array.  The struct font_desc
will describe how big the glyphs are within the big bitmap.

There appears to be a helper program in scripts/bin2c.c which would
generate the C array for you from a binary bitmap file.  The binary
bitmap file will want to bits to appear in the correct order, which
means character 1 followed by character 2, etc.  Probably you'd get
that order if you created an image file with the glyphs arranged
vertically one above the other.

bin2c myfont_12x22 < myfont.raw > myfont_12x22.c

You'll then need to edit that .c file to change the array to unsigned
char, add the struct font_desc at the bottom.  You'll then also need
to add your font into drivers/video/console/fonts.c


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