Hmm.  Looks like there's definitely timing issues with the backported driver,
as it works great at times and hangs the system at others.  Back to the
drawing board...

On 8/30/07, Peter Lu <> wrote:
I backported the 1090 driver to 1491 and my display now works fine.  For the life
of me, I can't visually see what changes in the 1491 version should mess up the
acx705akm, since they seem to deal only with multiple displays and multiple
modes per display, in ways that should be benign to the acx705akm.  I enabled
all the debug prints in the two drivers and see that they set registers, etc., to the
same values.

I will have to use the backported driver for the time being, as I'm on a time
crunch to get other things done.  I will definitely come back to the 1491 driver,
even if only as a challenge to get things right.  There's a small chance that
the debug prints are causing timing changes.

Stay tuned...  And thanks for all the help and support.

On 8/30/07, Craig Hughes < > wrote:
On Aug 30, 2007, at 6:48 AM, Peter Lu wrote:

I built 1090 with pxafb and the .ppm image displays nicely.  So, it's just a matter
of back-tracking what's changed.  Sigh...

The problem is almost certainly in one of two files in the linux directory:


Just diff those 2 files between the two revisions and see what's changed.


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