Setting up .php -> php-cgi on Boa was pretty straight forward, very
simular to Apache...


However, it looks like the php and php-cgi programs that come on the
Gumstix build is flawed, as I get a segmentation fault running the .php
file that comes with WebFileBrowser ( www.webfilebrowser.org).
The same file runs through the php/php-cgi on my x86 Ubuntu machine
without error.

On 8/8/07, Brad House < brad@mainstreetsoftworks.com> wrote:
> I'd like to have BOA integrated with PHP.  My Gumstix package has both
> BOA and PHP properly built, but is missing the glue that allows .php
> files to be served.  I have set up Apache with PHP on x86 Linux (and
> Windows) PCs before, but don't know what it takes for BOA to hook up to
> PHP.

I'd recommend using lighttpd over boa.  Regardless, you'd want to use
php in cgi mode most likely, and just configure boa to redirect all
*.php files to the php-cgi executable ... I couldn't tell you how
to do it on boa though ... I have it up and running on lighttpd on
the gumstix.  To the user, they don't even realize it's running as a
CGI, etc...


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