My autoscr says:

protect on 1:0-1 && jerase all
protect on 1:0-1 && erase f00000 +100000
tftp a2000000 rootfs.arm_nofpu.jffs2
cp.b a2000000 40000 ${filesize}
tftp a2000000 uImage
cp.b a2000000 f00000 ${filesize}

so, I'm supposedly doing jerase.  I even verified that jerase puts down 3-longword tags every 128kb block in the flash.

I waited for over 10 minutes on the "Freeing init memory 128K" and so suspect that something is out of wack.  I think you or someone else had indicated the the tag-scan takes a few minutes the first time around (if jerase weren't used).

I'm rebuilding rev 1482 again from scratch to see what the new
output offers.  I've compared the .config files from 1482 and 1161 and don't see anything blatantly different.

Thanks for the help.

On 7/31/07, Craig Hughes <craig@gumstix.com> wrote:
On Jul 31, 2007, at 9:50 AM, Peter Lu wrote:

> Thank you for catching my typo with the console=, which I
> inadvertently lost over time.  The 1161 build now boots much
> faster, but the 1482 build (still) gets stuck at the "Freeing init
> memory 120K" line.

This is probably because you used "erase" instead of "jerase" to
erase the JFFS2 space in flash -- if so, then on the first reboot,
linux has to scan the entire JFFS2 partition, erase each unused
block, and write a JFFS2 cleanmarker in there.  This take quite a
long time on XM or XLP gumstix -- just wait a few minutes and see if
it comes back.

> Has there been some hardware-software incompatibility that was
> introduced in the last year, such that the (old prototype) hardware
> I have just doesn't run newer builds (without special mods)?  I
> will be getting new hardware soon, so perhaps build 1482 will just
> work (fingers crossed).

No, the new code should work on old hardware, as long as you selected
the correct settings in the buildroot config -- ie you aren't
building for verdex then deploying on a connex or something.


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