Hi there.. Sorry for the delay in answering, but I was offline for some days.
I am not sure you could do it with ffmpeg, but you can do it using wget and a pipe.
If the webcam output is mjpeg, you can use wget to grab the URL and send the output to a pipe, and have ffmpeg read from the pipe. I used it (on a PPC system, not on gumstix) and it worked nicely.

2008/1/14, Chuck Randall <shibboleth@roadrunner.com>:
Now that I have ffmpeg built for the gumstix, I'm wondering if you
have ever tried using it with an IP webcam over ethernet? Only now
did I notice in your posting you used a USB webcam. I'm wading
through all of the ffmpeg command-line options now. Hopefully there
is a way! If not with ffmpeg, maybe another way?

On Oct 30, 2007, at 10:50 AM, Cesar Maciel wrote:

> Hi Jeff,
>   I was using v4l, with an USB webcam, running ffmpeg for video
> capture,
> using an avi codec. at 15fps CPU usage was around 92%, and the "q"
> factor on ffmpeg (that indicates quality, from 0 to 28) was between 15
> and 20.
>   I tried capturing at 25fps but the output file for some reason was
> running at 1fps (although the size indicated  that the 25fps rate
> was used).
>   I tried to capture using 640x480 but not even at 10fps I could get a
> decent video.
>   If you have other experiences, with or without gumstix, I'll be
> interested in hearing. I am also looking for a solution on video
> capture.
>   regards
>   Cesar

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