I have a connex 400m, a wifi-CF (fcc), and a robostix-th. I soldered a wire-wrap header to the robostix gumstix port. I spliced a cross-over serial cable to give a connection to pins 2 and 3 on the cable. I also have a small cable made up with a pin that can go to any pin on the female end of the cable (incase i need a gnd for the cable). I am having some issues with getting the device to respond. I have swapped the wires for the serial port between pins 2 and 4 on the robostix, i have added the gnd (pin 1) to pin 5 of the cable, and used it with it off. I get a green LED on my robostix, but no console. I can type characters and they are echoed back to me but that is it. I have tried this with the wifistix connected and removed. I'm using a 5v powersupply. I feel I am missing something (other than the obvious answer of brains ;-P those went fell out of my skull long ago :P).
Thanks in advance,