But arn't there new types of mutexes and new hi resolution timers? I guess I'll just dig and see what I find and report back.
Has any one done pthreads on the gumstix? I imagine some one has ....but if I find out any thing that should be mentioned I'll try to wiki it. Thanks for the awesome suport!

On 1/19/07, Dave Hylands <dhylands@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Jesse,

On 1/19/07, Jesse Welling <jesse.welling@gmail.com> wrote:
> ok so that's the fully preemptable kernel then...that's exactly what I
> wanted. So looks like I had it done all along from the build root. Thanks
> Dave. I should be able to find all the api's I need in the kernel dirctory
> right? Is there any other documentation I can look at (I found the RT wiki
> but that's not quite right), so do you guys have any recomendations for good
> books (POSIX/realtime). I guess all the real time stuff (besides POSIX
> stuff) just got merged into the kernel at 2.6.18 so I guess there's not
> going to be much documentation or tutorials yet.....ohh well. You remember
> best if you learn the hard way.

So, as far as I know there is no API for the kernel preemption stuff.
It's either enabled or not.

This is different than the RTAI or RTLinux.

As far as poix threads go, there's an O'Reilly book on using posix
threads. Most of the information should be available online as well.


Dave Hylands
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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