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My current list of required components (my reasoning, and related questions) is:

  • connex 400xm-bt                  (The fastest processor + Bluetooth)         

I think you will be better off with a basix for power saving. and then you still have the MMC slot

  • 5.0 volt UK Power Adapter     (Bench Power Supply)           
  • Robostix                               (For I/O with a range of analogue and digital sensors)
  • netMMC                               (Memory Expansion - Can I put my executables here?)    

see above. I don't think you will need the netMMC on your plane unless you plan on having more than one gumstix.

  • Waysmall STUART            (For uploading my executables, and console feedback/debugging - Can I use RS232 and USB for executable uploading? Is there another way to upload executables e.g. Bluetooth, ethernet or wifi? What other ways do I have of transmitting/viewing debug information?)         

I use is bluetooth for uploading my programs, and a waysmal for reflashing. I like bluetooth because I don't have to plug in any cables. This would probably be a good idea for you if you were going to put the gumstix in a crashbox that's hard to get open (I would).

  • Wifistix                                 (For long range wireless communications. - Can you give me an idea of what line-of sight range I can expect? Are there any practical alternatives? I thought about using pwm/digital RC gear, and decoding at the receive end. Has anyone had any experience?)

I'd use a serial modem, they are typicaly good for LOS of 1km. Check spark  fun.

  • OpenSUSE Linux 10.2 with KDevelop (A development and Cross-compilation environment. - Are there any reasons to use something else? I will try to develop most of my code by autocoding from MATLAB/Simulink. I believe the latest versions are not available for LINUX so maybe I'll have to develop in Windows, then swap to LINUX. If you are using MATLAB/Simulink in this way can you tell me your setup please? )
not to sure on the whole matlab thing but if it produces c code...sure why not?

every one will have thier own ideas on how to do this, but theres mine.
Good luck!