Hey Andrei,
If you are looking for a fast a2d on i2c the ads7828 is capable of the 400khrz as it the Robostix. I plan on taking a look at both the max128 and ads7828 to determine which works better with the kernel i2c module some time before February (there were some issues reported with the max128) and bassed on that I'm going to recomend that the next robostix and breakout include one of these devices because it seems fairly common that alot of projects require a2d and I think this is an easy way to get it done. By the way is this something that any one else is doing (don't want to do double work on something I don't have too). By the way, thanks for that tip the other day about the 400khz i2c Andrei.

On 12/18/06, Andrei Rylin < arylin@yahoo.com> wrote:
I have 3V SPI devices wired to breakout-gs
and robostix' I2C, SPI and a few GPIOs wired
through Hirose on a chopped Tweener (as you
What I found is that MISO on PXA
is always pulled high by robostix' level shifter
even though my 3V SPI device is trying to pull
it low. That is, I have to turn the level shifter off
to make 3V SPI bus work. Is it the way it's supposed
to be ? Somehow I thought that whoever pulls low
have an "upper hand". Is there any way to make
3V SPI work without turning level shifters off ?
I wanted to get interrupts from robostix and maybe
use SPI instead of I2C to communicate between
gumstix and robostix (should be faster - I'm not sure
it would make any practical impact though) ?

--- Dave Hylands <dhylands@gmail.com> wrote:

> Unfortunately, the SPI interface on the robostix
> (the way things are
> currently wired) is slave only.

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