>From your host computer use the comand "ssh root@"
Also use ifconfig to make sure bnep0 is up to do this after the gumstiupx boots up
use "ifup bnep0", but you might have to be super user or use sudo depending on
your linux distro.

To send file (for example) motd to directory /ext use "scp motd root@"

Good luck.

On 11/24/06, Hossein Ghaffari Nik <hgn842001@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello All,

I am using the Gumstix connex 400 bt and trying to stablish a network connection such as ssh between my PC and Gumstix over Bluetooth.
Now I have been reeding many of past emails and I am very lost.

I have followed this:
 (Option 2)
My gumstix IP address is
and the PC IP address from my BlueSoleil is

and on my PC every time that Gumstix boots up I will be prompt to put pass key for Gumstix that wants to connect to my PAN.
I do that and on my BlueSoleil I see "gumstix(0)" and it seems to be able to do Bluetooth Serial Port Service only.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
Happy Holidays.

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