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Thanks again Dave

The tweener only has the console. But the chip on the tweener board
has level converters for another pair of lines, so you could solder on
some wires (requires good soldering skills and a good soldering iron).

Definetly, not going to happend :). My soldering skills are limited to 1cms minimun.

Do you have any more information on the device in question? If you can
connect it directly to a PC, then the same interface CAN'T be used to
go directly to the robostix.

According to the specs, Itīs TTL with 0-5v . With 5v for the logical 1.
With this servo-controller itīs not posible to connect direct to the Computer (rs232). Itīs connected to a Basic Stamp and that Basic Stamp is connect to the PC. So I guess the Basic has some level-shifting.

The robostix brings out the FFUART (ttyS0) and STUART (ttyS2) pins as
logic-level pins. These go through 5v to 3.3v voltage converters and
then directly to the gumstix.

I saw that ttyS2 on the robostix I/O. So, I guess that would had to be my choice,  I mean, if my device is TTL, then if I connect it to the ttyS2, then Iīll be able to read,write trough the /dev/ttyS2 on the gumstix . right?. To do that, Iīll have to load the robostix module?? Or just need that module to actually interact the the GPIOS, ADC, and PWM?

(correct me if I'm wrong dave)
you shouldn't have to load the module, it's just that the robostix has to be powered. Those serial lines come from the hirose header thorugh a 3.3v to 5v level shifter. So as long as the level shifter has power (E.G. the robostix is pluged in) you'll be able to get serial out of that level shifter.

        -Jesse W.