Committed a patch for busybox to deal with this.  Looks like my gentoo system symlinks /bin/sort to /usr/bin/sort, so I made busybox just symlink in both places too.


On Aug 1, 2007, at 12:29 PM, Christopher Gilbert wrote:

I have noticed a small issue: when I run the updatedb command (part of the findutils package I believe) I get an error which states,

"/usr/bin/updatedb: line 222: /bin/sort: No such file or directory
Broken pipe"

In the updatedb script there are various references to /bin/sort, however, on the gumstix the actual location is /usr/bin/sort
I have solved this by creating a symlink, but perhaps this should be addressed in the buildroot.

Christopher Gilbert
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University of Maine 2006
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