You mean to have netCF+gumstix+robostix, have the CF connected to netCF. Then accessing the gumstix via the RS232 from the robostix?

On 9/30/06, Craig Hughes < > wrote:
On Sep 30, 2006, at 11:31 AM, Cesar E. Perez wrote:

> Well I have a wireless Linksys G Router in my home, my laptop shows
> that the
> connection is super strong, I have my network with WEP, so I need to
> some how tell the gumstix to use that WEP, but I opened the network in
> order to connect without the WEP key. The card still doesn't pick
> up the
> network. I tried the network at FIU and it also didn't pick it up.
> What
> should I do in order to make it work? Shouldnt the card connect to the
> network? I have the linksys router, wireless and wired, access point.

Yes, the gumstix should connect to an open AP when it sees one.  Do
you have access to the gumstix console via a serial port?  If so,
what does it say?


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