Hello all,
I recently received my gumstix computer.  I have a verdex pro xl6p with a tweener and GPSstix.  I have managed to log in via a serial port and I've plugged in a microSD card which was auto mounted (nice).
My next step is to get espeak, gpsd and hopefully perl installed.  I was hoping someone could tell me if I have at least the correct idea with respect to how this works.  I don't have a network connection with my setup but of course I can just copy data to the microsd card.
Should I download and install the buildroot kit and go through the menus to build a new image that will include GPSD, espeak and perl if its available?  I presume I would create a new image, copy it to the micro sd card and then run a command to flash the computer with the new software?
Alternatively should I dig into ipkg?  Is this a package manager similiar to apt-get for Ubuntu?
Thanks for any help and I realize newbie quesitons are not generally appreciated.  If I could at least get pointed in correct direction I think I can probably figure it out.
Donny in Tallahassee