Well, I haven't posted in a couple of hours.. Time to post again :) Thanks for all of your help, by the way.
I've got my usb hub and appropriate peripherals set up, and my hdmi-to-dvi adapter plugged into my Overo Air.. It boots up, then immediately stops, telling me that Enlightenment SEGV'd. Also, that it is very bad.
Any ideas for correcting this? Google's not helping out much. I click either of the buttons Recover and Exit, but it flashes off then back to the error screen.

Enlightenment Error:
This is very bad. Enlightenment SEGV'd.
This is not meant to happen and is likely a sign of a bug in Enlightenment or the libraries it relies on. You can gdb attach to this process now to try to debug or you could exit, or just hit restart to try and get your desktop back the way it was.
Please compile everything with -g in your CFLAGS.